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26 questions you have to answer correctly to get funding for your startup 寻求融资?请先想清楚这26个问题 December 22, 2011

Posted by Ian Cheng in Funding.

Goran Duskic

Goran Duškić co-founded a game development team Generation Stars when he was a teenager, and he co-founded hosting and web develpoment company GEM Studio (which was sold in 2011). He co-founded tech startup WhoAPI and has 10+ experience in business development, online marketing strategy and PR.

It’s been a crazy week. On Monday we announced that our project received funding. Member of the Croatian Angel Network – CRANE, Mihovil Barančić believes that we have what it takes to create something big and worth mentioning. But I am way ahead of myself. We’ve started to explore the possibility of getting an investment roughly a year ago. So here are some questions that we got during that time.

Why do you need an investment?
Why don’t you sell your house/company/whatever if you believe that much in your product?
Do you believe in your service?
What does your service do?
Why is that better than company x?

It’s good that your share all this info, because otherwise you’re a bozo (tm Guy Kawasaki-Steve Jobs)

What if some big company decides to copy your service?
What if your competitor or newcomer decides to copy your service and offer it half the price?
Is there any competition?
Can you see your company becoming a 10 million dollar company?
Why don’t you start localy first?

Why don’t you go global from the start? Since we were going global right from the start, we weren’t asked that question (but some probably will).

Can you bootstrap?
What experience do you have?
How did you get your idea?
Do you have a working prototype or a proof of concept?
Why should I invest in you instead of hiring 1/2/3 people and outsource the whole project?
Would you be willing to relocate to: capital city/London/Sillicon Valley?

If you make any kind of statement, be prepared for questions about backing up that statement with facts.

Do you have an executive summary?
Do you have a business plan?
How are you going to get your customers?
Who needs your service?
Who is you target audience?
What is your business model?
Do you have an exit strategy?
Are you prepared to give up 10%/20%/30% of equity?
How much money do you need?
Why that ammount?

I am 100% positive there were more questions, but these were the ones that first came to my mind. Good luck in finding the answers. Please, please, please help share this questions and help other startups that want to receive funding!


原文作者Goran Duskic是科技创业公司WhoAPI的联合创始人,本周刚获得一笔投资。Goran Duskic十几岁时就是游戏开发团队Generation Stars的联合创始人。后来又与人联合创办了GEM Studio,并在今年将其出售。他在商业发展、网络营销以及公交关系方面有超过10年的工作经验。

1. 你为什么需要融资?

2. 如果对自己的产品如此有信心,那你为什么不卖掉自己的房子、公司或其他值钱的东西筹集资金?

3. 对自己的服务有信心吗?

4. 你都哪些服务?

5. 与其他公司相比,你的优势是什么?

6. 如果一些大公司准备抄袭你的服务,你会怎么办?

7. 如果你的竞争对手或者新的模仿者准备抄袭你的服务,并且价格只有你的一半,你又怎么办?

8. 面临哪些竞争?

9. 你认为你的公司能发展到1000万美元的规模吗?

10. 为什么不先做区域市场?

11. 懂得自荐吗?

12. 你都有什么样的阅历?

13. 创意/想法是怎么来的?

14. 有展示创意/想法的原型吗?

15. 我为什么要把投资给你,而不是自己雇几个人做或是把项目外包给别人做?

16. 愿意搬去其他城市/地方吗?

17. 有没有执行纲要?

18. 有没有商业计划?

19. 如何吸引/积累用户?

20. 哪些人需要你的服务?

21. 哪些人是你的目标客户?

22. 你有怎样的商业模式?

23. 是否有应对失败的战略?

24. 你准备让出多大比例的股权?

25. 你需要多少资金?

26. 为什么需要这个数额的资金?



1. goranduskic771578945 - August 23, 2014

Hi, and thanks for posting my 26 questions back in 2011. After 2 and half years, I am noq launching an ebook “26 Fundraising Questions for Startups.”

So, if you want to learn how a high-school dropout from Eastern Europe raised a total of $240.000 (including $100.000 from American investors alone) check it out!

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