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风险投资规则与例外 March 3, 2011

Posted by Ian Cheng in Funding.
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资本市场受到Facebook的影响,Groupon,Zynga和Twitter都传出疯狂的估值,但四家公司都有非常丰厚的收入和增长率。没有人会争辩说,股市的转变将迫使这些公司倒闭。所以可以假定这四家公司是新的规则,而不是例外?Entrepreneur要好好思考!风险资本家 – 投资例外;超级天使 – 投资规则。

impact of the over-the-top valuations of Facebook, Groupon, Zynga and Twitter. four companies, who are still private, mostly raising private funds at these crazy prices, and who — other than Twitter– have very substantial revenues and sharp growth rates. no one is arguing that a shift in the stock market would force the company to file bankruptcy and go out of business.

But the venture capitalist argued that every startup wrongly assumes these four companies are the new rule, and not the exception.

VCs and Super Angels boil down to this distinction: One group is trying to fund only exceptions, the other accepts it’ll probably mostly fund the rule.

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